Camp Ambleside!

What is Camp Ambleside?

Camp Ambleside is a summer program where children have the opportunity to learn and grow using Nature, Science, and Art.


At Camp Ambleside your child will have hands-on work, art projects, and conduct science experiments.


From Paper to Soap and Beyond!

  • Soap Making
  • Paper Making
  • Bath Bombs
  • Da Vinci Scale Models
  • Butter Making
  • Fairy Houses
  • Shadow Art Experiments
  • Working with Light and Prisms
  • Handicraft with Nature
  • Handicraft with Food
  • Handicraft from Card Board
  • Painting with multiple mediums
  • Clay Working
  • Sewing
  • Handworks
  • And Much More!

Ages 5-12, the cost is $100 per week.

8:o0am – 1:00pm Monday to Friday.

Contact us for more information!

Phone Numbers:

Rebecca Aidala

(325) 249-2403

Kimberly Aidala

(325) 212-1773